Hi there! You've probably reached this page from the Freeplay website in search of the elusive 'Up Down Ready' which took Best Design in this year's awards.

UPDATE: Hello! If you've arrived here from StumbleUpon, why not go play the game now on Kongregate! With high scores and EVERYTHING.

The versions of the game that were on this page were hosted on Dropbox. Since the recent spike in traffic, Dropbox has cut off access to my public folder. I will hopefully be migrating this stuff across to an actual server, but the version on Kongregate is the official release.

I'm Delia, the Sword Lady half of Sword Lady and the Viking. You can find my teammate over here. We are third year students in the Games Design course at Griffith University, and Up Down Ready (previously known as Horse) is our first semester project from this year, made using Adam Atomic's free Flixel library.

We entered it in the Freeplay Awards for a lark, and were incredibly surprised and excited to make it to the finals and take away an award. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

- Delia

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And so it begins

Along with Henrik, I will be prototyping my concept 'The Fisherman and the Moon', codename Fishman, and Henrik's unnamed concept, codename Horse.

First off, after a quick chat with Henrik, we decided to go ahead and work in Fishman in Unity, because we can use this FMOD plugin, which will be necessary for sound manipulation and analysis (more on this when I've looked into it in more detail). Horse, however, will be developed as a flash game, with the Flixel library in Adobe's Flex Builder.

The aim now is to get a functioning game working in Unity, with a variety of grey boxes to represent in-game objects and, at this stage, key presses in place of loud/soft sounds.

Tasks I'm working on for Fishman (Horse to come later):

- set up scene, locked to 2D plane
- on key-press
- the moon moves/changes direction/changes speed
- the fisherman's boat moves/changes speed
- win state when fisherman reaches shore
- loss state when moon gets too close (boat 'capsizes')

More as it comes to hand.

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